How to Transfer Funds through PNB Online Banking

One of the perks you’d get out of PNB online banking is the capability to transfer funds.

Transferring funds is easy.

Once you’re enrolled in PNB Online banking and you’ve enrolled the third party accounts where you need to transfer funds to, then you’re all set. 


How to Process the Funds Transfer

1. Your first step is to choose your source and target accounts. The target accounts can either be your own account or a third-party account enrolled to your online banking.

  • To enroll target accounts, go to ‘Enroll Additional 3rd Party Account…”.

You’ll be receiving an activation code through email.

Upon receipt of the email, you can use the activation code for the account.

  • Next, go to ‘Enrollment’, and then go to ‘Additional Third Party Accounts Enrolled Detail’.

Double click on the account’s reference number, and then submit the activation code online.

The account will immediately be activated upon doing so.



2. Second, indicate the transfer schedule, transfer amount, and alerts.

  • With regard to the schedule, the funds can be transferred immediately, in a set future date or on a repeated basis. The recurring schedule can be any of the following: monthly, semi-annually, quarterly, or annually.
  • You can choose to receive your alerts through email, SMS or both.
  • There are no limits with fund transfer amounts; as long as it can be covered by your account balance, then you’re good.



Points to Ponder for PNB Online Banking

There are things you have to remember regarding the funds transfer:

  • Funds can only be transferred from one PNB account to another; funds can’t be transferred to a different bank.
  • The funds will be immediately received by the recipient once the transaction has been successfully completed. There is a 9pm cutoff, though; if the funds are transferred beyond that time, then the transfer will be shown on your transactions the next business day.
  • Fund transfers will only be done between two accounts that have the same currency. You can’t perform fund transfers from peso to dollar accounts and vice versa.
  • Entering your passwords incorrectly for three times may result to your account being blocked. It’s better to ask for help should you feel unsure of your account login information rather than have it blocked.
  • Your fund transfers will always be secure transactions; PNB performs security measures such as 128-bit SSL encryption (highest level of encryption), firewalls and the use of Verisign. You also may need to reenter your password whenever there are prolonged idle times i.e. session timeouts.


Why you too should try PNB Online Banking’s Fund Transfer Facility

Transferring funds no longer have to be a tedious process. You no longer have to be in queues to have this performed.

With PNB Online Banking’s Fund Transfer capabilities, you can fund your child’s account for her allowance.

You can use this to pay for your bills, as well as pay for your employees’ salaries.

Some clients use funds transfer to pay for certain purchases.


Why not? It’s faster. It’s cheaper.

The list goes on. The possibilities are endless.

Set up funds transfer for your account today so that you can already take advantage of what it has to offer.

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