How to Register for PNB Online Banking

Today’s technology allows people to perform banking-related tasks in just a few clicks.

The convenience it brings is one of the main purposes of online banking.

PNB also has this feature that clearly can be enjoyed by their clients. If you have a PNB account but still is not taking advantage of this feature, well then, it’s not yet too late to start.


Registration Process for PNB Online Banking

  • To register for PNB Online Banking, you first have to go to the website, which is

On the right part, click on the button you’ll see with the ‘Enroll’ written on it.


  • You’ll then be routed to the page that contains the Terms and Conditions.

You can choose to check out the contents, and then accept the terms and conditions. Tick the check box that says you agree on what you’ve read. You can also opt to print the terms and conditions by clicking on the button that says ‘Print”.

  • The next step will require you to specify any of the following:
    • ATM account/s
    • Non-ATM account
  • Aside from indicating what type of account you’d be enrolling, you’d also be asked to provide personal details such as contact information and email address.
  • You’ll also be asked to indicate your preferred username and password, as well as your secret question.


PNB Online Banking Activation

  • If registration is done using Phone Banking or ATM accounts, then activation is immediate. All you need to do is provide your ATM or telephone pin, and you’re good.
  • If registration is done using a non-ATM account, the approval and activation will both happen on the next banking day, or within 24 hours, at the earliest.   

Once the account has been activated, you can already log in by entering your username and password.

Already logged in?

Then you can take advantage of what Online Banking has to offer.

If you have multiple PNB accounts and wish to enroll them all, then you don’t have to go through this process again. You just have to enroll them as your additional accounts, and you’re done.


Is PNB Online Banking safe?

There are clients who don’t prefer online banking due to security issues.

You should not be hesitant though because transactions are safe and secure.

To ensure confidentiality, you are given highest encryption levels.

As a preventive measure, refrain from giving your User ID and password to anyone; after all, these information identifies you as the valid account owner.

Plus, if you can, don’t access your account in public areas. If it’s really necessary, though, then log off and then close your browser.


Enroll your accounts now with PNB online banking

You’ll feel like you have your own personal financial assistant. Registration itself is free of charge, but there are specific transactions that require a fee prior to getting processed.

PNB Online Banking is indeed one of the best services that are available right now.

So don’t be left behind. Just a few clicks, and then you’ll see yourself using various features of PNB Online Banking.

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