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Hi, I’m Janice Germano Sabitsana. 

I’m a Registered  Financial Planner, Speaker, Columnist, and Content Creator. 
I am passionate about helping people understand the importance of financial literacy, and I want to empower everyone to make smart money decisions. 
My mission is to spread financial awareness through my writing, speaking engagements, and content creation – making it easier for everyday Filipinos to understand their personal finances. 

With a focus on practical money-management strategies and budgeting tips, I strive to help people reach their own financial goals.
Join me in this journey of becoming financially well-informed and secure. Together, let’s create a financially successful future for us all! 

Speaking Engagements

Financial Literacy Talk for Students

With Chinkee Tan at San Beda University

6 Financial Literacy Seminars

AFPMBAI All Uniformed Services: AFP, PNP, BFP, BJMP, PCG, BuCor, and NAMRIA

Financial Wellness Talk

Accenture Philippines

janice sabitsana-speaker
Retirement Planning Seminar

Congress of the Philippines: Commission on Appointments

janice sabitsana personal finance speaker
Retirement Planning Session
For AFP Sergeant Majors
janice sabitsana personal finance speaker
Financial Literacy for Children

JA Philippines, Inc.

Psychology of Money

AFP Radio DWDD MBAI Connect

Blog Posts

financial speaker janice sabitsana

Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck: Cultivating Financial Wellness in the Workplace

Financial well-being is a topic that affects every Filipino. We often find ourselves at work, trying to focus on our tasks, but the weight of bills, debts, and unexpected expenses can distract us.


Empowering Young Minds: Cha-Ching Takes Financial Literacy to a Million Students

As parents, educators, and members of society, it is our collective responsibility to mold financially literate individuals who can thrive and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

budgeting for beginners

Faith-Based Budgeting: How to Align Your Finances with Your Beliefs

Faith-based budgeting is a holistic approach to personal finance that seeks to integrate our beliefs and values into our spending, saving, and investment decisions.

YouTube Videos

Biblical Money Principles: How to Manage Money God's Way

Budgeting Basics: Paano Ba Mag Budget ng Pera?

Budgeting 101: How to Budget P20,000 Income


I love how you incorporate biblical principles into your content. 😊❤ I would also like to ask if you can give us tithing tips, if it is weekly or biweekly based on your salary cutoff. Again, thank you so much! May He continue to use and bless you more. ❤
Carmela dawn
YouTube Comment
Thank you. Starting our small family and never really learned money budgeting. I love that you included Bible Verse in your lesson. God Bless.
YouTube Comment

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