Janice Sabitsana is a Registered Financial Planner at RFP Philippines, a Columnist for The Manila Times, and a Contributing Writer for MoneySense PH magazine. Additionally, she works as a Personal Finance Writer, Resource Speaker, and Content Creator. She is the Founder of The Pinay Investor Blog and YouTube Channel.

Hi there! I’m Janice.

As a wife and mom of two, I’m all about budgeting. But here’s the thing – I didn’t always have a clue about handling money.

Growing up, I witnessed my parents constantly arguing about it and struggling with finances. That’s why I took a leap of faith and left my small town to study in Manila.

With a mix of scholarships, part-time gigs, and some support from my parents, I learned the art of budgeting to make ends meet and survive until graduation.

I started as a technical support representative in a call center as my first job. Although it was not my dream job, I took it along with part-time teaching to help support my 3 siblings who were in college. During this time, I picked up skills on how to manage my finances and made sure to provide for them until they finished college.

Getting married brought on a whole new challenge for me – budgeting with my husband. We had different views on how to handle money, leading to arguments and misunderstandings.

But we didn’t give up. We tried various budgeting methods, compromised, and truly understood each other. Now, I’m proud to say that my husband trusts me completely with our household budgets.

How did I do it? Well, I couldn’t have done it without my budgeting templates and system. These babies have been a game changer for us! They’ve given us control over our finances, kept us on track with our goals, and made it super easy for us to stay organized.

Currently, I am sharing my knowledge on budgeting and financial management to help others. I incorporate biblical principles in my teachings, as I strongly believe that our money does not truly belong to us. Instead, we are mere stewards of God’s possessions.

If you need help with budgeting or managing your money, feel free to explore my blog and YouTube channel, where you can find valuable free content.

To take your budgeting to the next level, consider trying out my budgeting templates and additional resources on my TPI Shop.

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Feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions. I’m always happy to meet you halfway and make sure your money is heading in the right direction. Thanks for visiting The Pinay Investor!

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Speaking Engagements

I am sincerely thankful for the amazing opportunities to speak and impart my knowledge and experiences through different speaking engagements. Here are some of the talks that I’ve had the privilege of delivering:

  • Nuix Philippines: Financial Education Session in the Workplace
  • San Beda University: Financial Planning for College Students
  • Pacific Cross & Rockwell Land: Health Insurance and Real Estate Investment
  • Emaptha-Course Hero: Secrets to Sustainable Holiday Spending
  • Accenture: Financial Wellness in the Workplace
  • AFPMBAI: Insurance and Risk Management
  • AFPMBAI: Digital and Online Banking
  • AFPMBAI: Investment Planning
  • AFPMBAI: Retirement Planning for AFP Sergeant Majors
  • AFPMBAI: Unlocking your Financial Potential for Uniformed Services
  • JA Philippines & Wells Fargo: Financial Literacy for Children
  • UP Diliman College of Civil Engineering: Digital Banking
  • St. Luke’s Medical Center: How to Keep Your Household Finances in Order
  • Miriam College Grade 12-McClintock: Budgeting for Low-Income Families
  • Connected Women Davao: Effective Strategies for Managing Family Finances
  • UST College of Industrial Engineering: Investing Tips for College Students
  • The Parenting Emporium: Preparing for the Financial Impact of Having a Baby

Sponsorships & Speaking Opportunities

For speaking and sponsorship inquiries, please email me at janice@thepinayinvestor.com


Throughout the years, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many inspiring people in the personal finance industry.

Janice Sabitsana (Pinay Investor) with Sir Edward Lee, Founder and Chairman of COL Financial, Wealth Summit 2022
Janice Sabitsana (Pinay Investor) with Bro. Bo Sanchez, Founder Truly Rich Club, Wealth Summit 2022
Janice Sabitsana (Pinay Investor) with Boss Rex Mendoza, President and CEO of Rampver Financials, Wealth Summit 2022

Pinay Investor with Robert Kiyosaki (on stage), National Achievers Congress Philippines 2015

Pinay Investor with Chris Gardner (on stage), National Achievers Congress Philippines 2016

Pinay Investor with Mary Buffet (on stage), National Achievers Congress Philippines 2017

Pinay Investor with Tim Huynh, Millionaire Mindset Intensive Philippines 2016

Pinay Investor with Randell Tiongson and Marvin Germo, Financial Fitness Forum 2015

Pinay Investor with Francis Kong, Investment Conference ICON 2015

The Pinay Investor with Chinkee Tan, Investment Conference ICON 2015

Pinay Investor with Edric Mendoza, Former Host of ANC On The Money

Pinay Investor with Salve Duplito, Host of ANC On The Money

Pinay Investor with Efren Llamas Cruz, Investment Conference ICON 2015

Pinay Investor with Jess Uy, Investment Conference ICON 2015

Pinay Investor with Randell Tiongson, Investment Conference ICON 2015

Pinay Investor with Fitz Villafuerte and Ginger Arboleda, Financial Fitness Forum 2015

Pinay Investor with Jerome San, Cashflow 101 Seminar 2015

Pinay Investor with Rose Fausto, COL Financial Positioning 2015

Pinay Investor with Marnie Prudencio, Author of How to Raise Money-Smart Kid

Pinay Investor with RJ Ledesma

Pinay Investor with Jayson Lo, Author of YOUnique Books

Pinay Investor with Joel Litman, Valens Securities

Pinay Investor with Derek Gehl, Digital Income Jumpstart 2017

Pinay Investor with Janette Toral, Digital Filipino E-Commerce Founder

Pinay Investor with Fitz Villafuerte, Ready To Be Rich Blog Founder

Pinay Investor with Marvin Germo, Stock Smarts Founder

1 Peter 4:10

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. To God be the glory!