My Ayala Coop Membership Review: How Much I Earned From The Coop

I was still employed in the call center when I first heard about Ayala Coop.

Our HR Officer informed us about Ayala Coop and how we could avail of loans and earn dividends when we become a member.

At that time I wasn’t interested in loans. What I was interested in was the dividend.

I wasn’t earning that much from my call center job, but I wanted to save a small portion of my salary for my future needs.

After doing a bit of research about Ayala Coop, I decided to sign up as a member in August 2012.

₱1,000 monthly savings

I filled out the Ayala Coop membership form at our HR office and I committed to save ₱500 every pay day or ₱1,000 monthly via salary deduction.

Few days later, my Ayala Coop membership application was approved.

My first contribution was deducted from my salary on August 31, 2012 and it continued until March 15, 2013.

I was able to save a total of ₱7,000, less ₱100 for membership fee, so my savings with Ayala Coop was ₱6,900 as of March 2013.


My Ayala Coop Dividend after 5 months

In April 2013, I received a mail from Ayala Coop informing me that my dividend for 2012 will be credited to my BPI payroll account by the end of the month.

I was so excited! Guess how much I got?

₱31.94 Dividend in 2012

Since I only started my Ayala Coop membership in August 2012, my total contribution for 2012 was only ₱4,400.

And ₱31.94 was roughly 0.73% profit.

Not bad…

Still better than the bank’s interest rate which was around 0.25% per annum.

I took a one-year break from work starting April 2013 due to my “high-risk” pregnancy, and my contribution to Ayala Coop had since stopped.

₱10,000 Share Capital

In September 2013, I emailed Ayala Coop and asked them if I could continue my contribution through direct deposit instead of the usual automatic salary deduction.

They approved it and I deposited ₱3,100 to my Ayala Coop account.

By December 2013, I had a total paid-up capital of ₱10,000.

Ayala Coop Membership Termination

In March 2014, I decided to terminate my Ayala Coop membership because I was already planning to resign from my company to focus on parenting.

I sent a request of membership termination directly to Ayala Coop via email on March 16, 2014.

I was told that it would take two weeks for my share capital to be credited on my BPI account.

After six weeks of consistent email follow-ups, it was finally credited to my account on May 2, 2014.

My total Ayala Coop share capital was ₱10,000 and that’s the same amount I received on my account.

No more, no less…

I felt a bit disappointed.

My Ayala Coop Dividend after almost 2 years

₱477.58 Dividend in 2013

On May 30, I was surprised when I received ₱477.58 on my BPI account.

I already resigned from work effective May 17, 2014 and I didn’t expect to receive anything more on my payroll account.

Plus, I received an email from Ayala Coop’s finance manager saying that members without regular salary deduction for share capital build up will not be entitled to dividend.

And since I had irregular contributions, I wasn’t really expecting any dividend from Ayala Coop anymore.

To verify, I logged in to my Ayala Coop online account, and true enough, I earned ₱477.58 dividend which is almost a 5% interest of my total share capital.

That’s so much better than the bank rates.

I wished I didn’t terminate my membership with Ayala Coop.

But still, I’m grateful I have experienced saving and earning dividend in one of the most outstanding cooperatives in the Philippines.

Do you want to save or invest in a Coop? 

Saving your money in a coop allows you to earn dividends which are potentially higher than what other financial institutions offer.

If you want your money to work for you, consider opening a membership account with a coop of your choice.

And if you want to know more about Ayala Coop, read the information below from Ayala Coop’s website.


What is Ayala Coop? 

Ayala Coop or Ayala Multi-Purpose Cooperative (AMPC) was organized in October 1995 by 21 Ayala Group employees with ₱10,500.00 capitalization.

It has 35,000 members nationwide and more than ₱2 Billion in capitalization.

Ayala Coop is one of the Top 10 institution-based Cooperatives in the Philippines. (Source)

3 Types of Membership

Ayala Coop has 3 types of membership:

  1. Regular – Regular/permanent employees who are employed in an Ayala company
  2. Associate  – Regular members, who are retired or resigned, with good credit standing and would like to continue their Coop membership
  3. Associate Project – Project employees directly hired & with at least 1 year continued service in an Ayala company. For contract/engagement after completion of the first year, the direct hire is still eligible for as long as the remaining term of contract is at least 8 months

How to become a member of Ayala Coop

  • You must be an employee of an Ayala company (Ayala should at least have a 20% ownership).
  • You need to fill out the Membership Application Form and send the scanned copy of your accomplished form to the Coop’s Customer Service email address at customerservice@ampc.org.ph.
  • Your Share capital contribution will be deducted from your payroll semi-monthly.
  • A one-time ₱200 membership fee will be debited from your first payroll deduction

Minimum Contribution for Share Capital

The minimum contribution is ₱100 per pay day.

Maximum Contribution for Share Capital

The maximum amount at any one time is ₱1 Million (share capital).

How to increase investment

  • Fill out the Salary Deduction Authority Form to increase or decrease your semi-monthly payroll deduction or contribution and send the scanned copy of your accomplished form to Ayala Coop’s Customer Service email address at customerservice@ampc.org.ph
  • Over the counter deposit for share capital is only allowed to comply with the share capital requirement for loan purposes
  • Decrease in share capital contribution is not allowed until loan is fully paid

Who can apply for a LOAN from the Coop

Coop members who complied with the required tenure, share capital and net cap will be eligible to borrow or apply for a loan.

How to apply for a loan

Loan applications can be done online through Membership & Loans Management System (MLMS) or manually by submitting the accomplished loan application form to your HR Coordinator for net cap approval.

How much can a member borrow

The loan amount depends on the loan eligibility set by the internal guidelines of each company in terms of net cap and loan eligibility

How profitable is your investment

Historically, the Coop has declared tax-free dividends relatively higher than market rates.

Who are entitled to Dividends and Patronage Refund

All Coop members are entitled to dividends subject to certain conditions:

  • No unpaid loan installments
  • Share capital not under the suspense account category
  • Membership termination is between July – December

All Coop members who avail of a loan facility are entitled to Patronage Refund subject to the same conditions as those for Dividends


How to terminate Coop membership

  • Fill out the Membership Termination Form and send the scanned copy of your accomplished form to our Coop’s Customer Service email address,  customerservice@ampc.org.ph, together with a copy of your 1 valid ID
  • Partial withdrawal is not allowed
  • Since termination completely ceased the relationship with the Ayala Coop, all outstanding loans becomes due and demandable

When can I get my share capital refund

One shall get back his/her share capital 7 working days from receipt of last remittance, net of all outstanding loans

Can employees who have resigned from Ayala Companies continue to be a member of Ayala Coop

Regular members, who resigned or retired from an Ayala Company with good credit standing, are encouraged to continue their Coop membership as an Associate.

By being an Associate Member, you will still enjoy the high dividends on your share capital, tax free, avail of various loan products (90% of your share capital) and earn the corresponding patronage refunds, and enjoy the benefits resulting with tie-ups with Ayala Companies and other strategic partners.

Can a member who has terminated her membership reapply

Regular members who terminate their Coop membership but continue to be employees of the Ayala Group may re-apply 3 months after his/her membership termination

No re-application is allowed for any member who terminated for a second time.

Ayala Coop Contact Information

  • Address: 8/F, 111 Paseo de Roxas Bldg., Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St., Legaspi Village 1229
  • Tel. No.: (02) 7-751-7991-9
  • Website: www.ayalacoop.com

Disclaimer: The Pinay Investor is not affiliated with Ayala Coop and this is not a sponsored post. This post was originally posted in pinayinvestor.com dated August 11, 2014.

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