Making Work Accessible: How BDO Network Bank is Supporting Local Employment in Pampanga

It’s a well-known fact that the most successful businesses are those that invest in their local community. BDO Network Bank is no exception to this rule, and they’re leading the way with their innovative approach to supporting employment in Pampanga. With an eye on creating more opportunities for locals, they’ve implemented several strategies designed to make work accessible to the people of Pampanga.

Last December 2022, in collaboration with the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) of San Fernando, Pampanga, BDO Network Bank (BDONB), the community bank of BDO Unibank Inc., hosted a job fair. This event was held to support BDONB’s continuing branch expansion efforts and provided a valuable opportunity for jobseekers.

As over two hundred candidates vie for a chance to join the various branches of Pampanga’s BDO Network Bank, President Jesus Antonio S. Itchon revealed that at least half have the potential to gain employment with one of the nation’s largest banks.

When asked about the qualifications, Inchon stated that possessing a college degree is preferable, yet undergraduates can also be seriously considered for employment if they have prior experience in the branch and showcase their dedication to serving others.

BDO Network Bank’s expansion in Pampanga and neighboring areas has opened up a variety of opportunities for individuals interested in becoming bank managers, tellers, and other related job ranks.

If you’re interested to be part of BDO Network Bank, you may visit their official FB Page to see the complete list of job vacancies.

You can also send your resume or CV to the email address assigned to your location.

  • NCR & Central Luzon:
  • North Luzon:
  • South Luzon:
  • Visayas:
  • Mindanao:

Follow the subject line or title format below.

<Trabaho na gustong applyan>,<Location>,<Name>

Example: Field Sales Officer_Tagbilaran_Juan Dela Cruz

Note: BDO Network Bank does not require any form of payment for job applications. Be sure to get in touch with legitimate HR officers of BDO Network Bank branches or send a direct message through their FB Page.

BDO job fair

Overall, with the expansion of BDO Network Bank and its commitment to providing employment opportunities to Filipinos across the Philippines, it is clear that the bank is a big part of helping our economy grow and supporting our people. It is no wonder that it has become one of the leading banks in the country today.

With this, BDO Network Bank continues to demonstrate its commitment towards nation-building by creating more job opportunities and acting as an effective conduit for financial services. This goes a long way in helping Filipinos build better lives for themselves and their families.

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