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BDO Network Bank’s Expansion: A Boost for Philippine Employment and Economy

BDO Network Bank, the community bank of BDO, is continuing its branch expansion and providing over 800 job positions such as branch heads, service officers, account officers, and marketing assistants.

This move not only expands BDO’s presence across the Philippines but also supports the economy according to Jesus Antonio S. Itchon, the president of BDO Network Bank (BDONB). The Labor Force Survey in October 2022 showed that the employment rate in the country has gone up 95.5% from 95.0% in the preceding month.

In 2023, BDO is set to open 100 more branches across provinces in an effort to help Filipinos stay closer to their families without having to travel too far for work opportunities.

With more positions available across numerous regions, Filipinos have easier access to opportunities for career development as well as a chance at economic advancement for themselves and those who depend on them.

Rikko Martin Guillermo, a network management officer of BDO Network Bank-Lahug, Cebu, expressed his admiration for this move saying,

“I am very thankful kasi pinayagan akong ma-destino sa Lahug, Cebu City office. Malaking tulong ito sa akin financially kasi magkasama na kami ng mahal ko sa buhay,”

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Allan Mark Nobleza, a former credit assistant of BDONB Makati office, is also thankful that he is now assigned close to his home at BDO Network Bank-Sultan Kudarat, Esperanza branch as an account representative.

Aside from offering a chance for financial growth and security, being able to work closer to home proves beneficial for employees of BDO Network Bank as well: it reduces transportation costs and gives them more time at home with loved ones — something that cannot always be taken for granted within the country’s unpredictable job market conditions.

This move also has positive ripple effects on local communities since having people who are gainfully employed boosts local spending power — helping stimulate economic activity in areas where greater financial resources are needed most.

With people’s growing need for financial services due to globalization, banks like BDO have been playing an increasingly important role in developing economies around the world—including here in the Philippines.

Beyond offering employment opportunities for many Filipinos, BDO provides its customers with a variety of banking services including loan options at competitive rates; deposit accounts with various features; money transfers both domestically and internationally; debit cards and credit cards; investment plans tailored according to one’s risk appetite; as well as savings plans designed especially for kids.

By increasing its physical presence throughout the country with more branches while continuously innovating on digital platforms like its mobile app, BDO ensures that it remains accessible even beyond major cities so that everyone gets a chance at achieving their financial goals or finding employment opportunities regardless of where they may be located geographically.

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