How to Register in BPI Online Banking 2020

BPI Online banking is a very useful facility, especially now that we are on Enhanced Community Quarantine.

It’s not easy go out of the house and go to the bank to do our banking transactions. Besides, not all branches are open, and expect long lines when you go to the bank.

If you have previously registered in BPI Online Banking before the Covid-19 pandemic started, chances are, you are now enjoying the benefits of online banking at the comfort of your home.

Like me, I can easily pay my utility bills, credit card bills, transfer money, and even buy load  online using my BPI Online account. It’s very convenient.

But if you are not registered yet and you want to give it a try, this blog post is for you.

If you prefer watching the tutorial, you may watch this video below on how to register in BPI Online Banking.

Steps for BPI Online Banking Registration

Step 1

  • Go to bpi.com.ph
  • Click Login.
  • Click Register Now.bpi express online login

Step 2

Choose the type of BPI account that you want to enroll, then click Continue.

    • ATM based BPI, BPI Family Savings, or BPI Direct deposit account
    • Passbook-based BPI or BPI Family Savings deposit account
    • BPI Europe Account
    • BPI Credit Card Account
    • BPI Debit  Card Account

(Update June 1, 2020: The BPI Online Registration page has been updated. Please follow the instructions on screen and enter the required details to complete your registration.)

In my latest experience with BPI Online registration, it took me a while to get through this step because it won’t take my BPI debit card number.

I called BPI Hotline 8-891-0000 and I was given a special link for the registration by the BPI representative which finally allowed me to proceed to the next steps.

I tried that same link but it goes to the main page of BPI website now, so maybe they have already updated the registration page and it should work now.

But if you still have problems registering your card number, you may call the BPI hotline 8-891-0000 too.

Step 3

Choose whether you’re residing Within the Philippines or Outside the Philippines.

Step 4

Read the Internet Banking Service Agreement (scroll down), tick the box at the bottom, and click Continue.

Step 5

Enter your BPI Card Information and Personal Information completely, and click Submit.

Step 6

To complete your BPI Online Registration, you need to submit the signed form to the nearest BPI branch or mail it to BPI Main Office.

How to Activate BPI Online Banking Registration

Option 1: If you’re within the Philippines

  1. Go to a BPI ATM within 20 banking days to complete the activation of your BPI online banking account.
  2. Insert your BPI card.
  3. Go to Special Services > Activate >Enrollments Express Online.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes before accessing your online account.

Option 2: If you’re outside the Philippines

  1. A confirmation email together with a form will be sent to your registered email.
  2. Print the form.
  3. Fill up the form and sign it.
  4. Mail the signed form to:
    • BPI Fulfillment Banking Department
      9th Floor BPI Card Center
      8753 Paseo de Roxas Makati City 1200, Philippines
  5. An email will be sent to your registered email address once the processing of your request has been completed.

What if I can’t activate my BPI Online Enrollment? 

Most new users are having a hard time activating their BPI Online Enrollment because of the lockdown.

I’m not sure if BPI has come up with alternative options to allow users to register and activate BPI online banking, but if the process is still the same, then you really have to follow the instructions.

You either go to the bank personally or mail your online enrollment form to BPI’s Office. Then, activate it at the ATM machine, which means you still have to go out.

BPI Online Login

After you registered and activated your BPI Online banking account, you can now login and access your bank account online, anytime and anywhere you are.

To login:

  • Go to bpi.com.ph
  • Click Login
  • Enter your Username and Password

And once you’re logged in, you can check your account balance, you can pay your bills, transfer money, and perform other banking transactions easily and conveniently.

BPI Online Balance Inquiry

  1. Go to BPI website at bpi.com.ph
  2. Click Login.
  3. Enter your Username and Password.
  4. Once you’re logged in, click My Accounts.
  5. You will now see your BPI accounts and their current balances. Click the account to see the details including its balance and recent transactions.

Why Register in BPI Online

With BPI online banking, online purchases, money transfers, and bills payment are much easier, faster, and more convenient.

Instead of having to wait the next day or for the weekend to be over, you can deposit money and pay your bills anytime and anywhere if you’re enrolled in the BPI online banking facility.

There is no more need for you to go to the bank or payment center and wait in a queue.

You can also check your account balance without having to go to an ATM.

Indeed, almost all of your banking transactions can be done ONLINE.

Can I Register in BPI Online Banking at the BPI Branch?

Yes, you can. But expect to wait in long lines. Or better yet, go to the bank as early as you can.

Once you’re at the BPI branch, inform the teller that you wish to enroll your account to BPI online banking.

You will be given a form that you have to fill out with your information.

They will check your ATM card and process your request.

Then, you will be instructed to check if your account has been successfully enrolled to online banking on the same day or within 24 hours. 

Paying Utility Bills Online

Do you want to make paying your bills easier and faster?

Do it online with BPI Online Banking. Click the link below to know how:

Paying Credit Card Bills Online

Do you want to pay your credit card bills online?

Click the link below to know how:

Transferring Funds Online

Once you are registered to BPI Online banking, you can easily send money or transfer funds from your BPI Account to other BPI accounts and even to another bank.

Click the link below to know how:

Depositing Money

To fund or deposit money to your BPI Account or other people’s BPI Account, you may use the BPI Deposit Machine to avoid the long lines at the branch.


BPI offers a lot of services online that will help make your banking transactions easier and convenient.

But you cannot skip the first step. And that is by first registering in BPI Online Banking.

You cannot send money, pay your bills, or check your balance online unless you are registered.

So, if you haven’t done it yet, please follow the steps above to register and enjoy the advantages and convenience that comes with it.

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