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Building a Sustainable Future: BDO Unibank’s Commitment to Renewable Energy

The world is in a state of crisis. Global warming, the depletion of natural resources, and the devastating effects of pollution are just some of the environmental challenges we face today. It’s up to us to take action if we want to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Fortunately, there are organizations like BDO Unibank that are leading the way when it comes to renewable energy initiatives. By investing in renewable sources, they’re helping reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and mitigate climate change.

In this article, we’ll explore how BDO Unibank is building a more sustainable future through its commitment to renewable energy projects.

BDO Unibank Inc. (BDO) has long been dedicated to a truly sustainable future for its customers and the environment. As one of the leading banking providers in the Philippines, BDO takes pride in providing clients with access to capital and funding requirements for their projects, while also preserving the environment.

Surallah Power Generation, Inc. is a successful business exemplifying the importance of sustainability in the energy sector. What started out as a small producer of veterinary products has grown into something much more through their self-discovery that agricultural waste immensely benefits from being recycled into biomass energy.

To take this vision further, they sought assistance from BDO to provide appropriate financing for the construction of their power plant. This wise decision has proven to pay off, with Surallah now emerging as one of South Cotobato’s top renewable energy sources and soon undertaking the construction of a second biomass-fired power plant in Palawan.

“BDO is very supportive in our endeavor. The Bank provides technical advice on how to efficiently and effectively manage and operate the power plant. Our credit facilities, lease lines and term loans are readily available and tailor-fit to our corporate requirements.” said Atty. Rio Balaba, spokesperson of Surallah.

Having the first biomass power plant funded back in 2013, BDO has built expertise in biomass energy financing and currently finances 15 projects with an impressive combined capacity of 164 watts.

The stakeholders linked to Surallah’s power plant have been able to benefit materially: farmers, cooperatives, and millers are earning extra income by selling agricultural waste such as rice and corn husks; residents and entrepreneurs can now access more affordable electricity.

This is great news because biomass is a high potential renewable energy source for the Philippines due to its abundant organic agricultural waste and the fact that forty percent of its population deals in agriculture.

With Surallah Power Generation driving positive change through sustainability, it reinforces the need for similar initiatives to support our planet’s growing needs.

BDO plays a huge part in the effort to provide improved livelihood and progress to the nation by providing financial support to green companies and renewable energy projects. The benefits of this are manifold – businesses can get their essential additional funding, Filipinos gain access to sustainable sources of income, and carbon emissions are cut as the country transitions away from fossil fuels.

This innovative approach really shows BDO’s commitment not just to providing reliable banking services, but also enriching lives by working with renewable projects. It’s inspiring to see private financial institutions prioritize environmental responsibility while still investing in job creation and financial stability across the Philippines.

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