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From Financial Innovation to Inclusion: How BDO Finds Ways to Expand Its Reach to Filipinos

It’s no secret that Filipinos have a long and complex relationship with money. From generations of debt to sky-high interest rates and a lack of financial literacy, it’s been difficult for many Filipinos to find the right tools and resources to manage their finances.

That’s why BDO has made it its mission to bring innovative and accessible banking solutions to the Filipino people. With a focus on financial inclusion, BDO has worked diligently to bridge the gap between those who have access to financial services and those who don’t.

Here are some of the ways BDO has been working to extend its reach and make banking more accessible for Filipinos:

BDO Branches and ATMs

With more than 1,000 branches and 4,000 ATMs across the country, BDO makes it easy for Filipinos to access their accounts and get cash when they need it. For those in more remote areas, BDO also operates a network of rural banks.

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Digital Banking

BDO has invested heavily in digital solutions to make banking easier and more convenient for its customers. One of the first steps they took was launching their online banking platform, which allows customers to manage their accounts from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. They also introduced a range of mobile banking apps, which offer an intuitive, secure way for users to manage their finances on the go.

BDO Cash Accept Machine

With BDO Cash Accept Machines or CAMs, you can easily deposit cash into your account or other BDO accounts in almost 400 in-branch and off-site locations in key cities and business districts nationwide. You can also do a variety of card-based and card-less transactions like balance inquiry, fund transfers, bills payment, and even mobile reloads.


One of the newest additions to the suite of offerings from BDO is BDO Pay. This allows customers to pay bills, purchase goods and services, and transfer funds securely both online and offline. It’s easy to use and comes with added benefits like discounts, reward points, and cash-back offers.

If you are a BDO Cash Cardholder or looking to purchase one, the BDO Pay Card provides more perks when connected with the BDO Pay app. These include being able to withdraw at any BDO ATM without an initial deposit or maintaining balance.

Cash in to Partner Apps

For those who prefer the convenience of cashless transactions, BDO has partnered with various e-commerce platforms, food delivery services, and ride-hailing apps to allow customers to easily pay for their services or purchases. This makes it even easier for Filipinos to access the goods and services they need without having to worry about carrying cash around.

Source: BDO Digital Apps and Products

Financial Inclusion Initiatives

In addition to its technology-driven initiatives, BDO is also engaged in strategic partnerships with government and non-profit organizations that are designed to reach out to even more Filipinos.

These include programs that provide microfinance loans to small business owners, financial literacy and education seminars for those looking to take control of their finances, and mobile banking offerings tailored specifically to the unbanked and underbanked population.

Furthermore, BDO has also forged partnerships with financial technology companies in order to provide more options for Filipinos. These collaborations allow the bank to offer innovative products and services such as digital wallets and remittance solutions, helping more people access financial services regardless of their income level or location.

With its commitment to financial innovation and inclusion, BDO is proof that banks can be powerful agents of positive change in the Philippines and that it’s possible to break down financial barriers and bring financial freedom to all.

By providing Filipinos with accessible and easy-to-use banking solutions, BDO is not only empowering individuals to take control of their personal finances but also contributing to the country’s overall economic development.

As they continue to find ways to make banking more accessible and convenient for Filipinos, there’s no doubt that BDO will remain a leader in innovation for years to come.

How BDO Changed My Life: A Personal Journey

For many Filipinos, money has been a source of stress and confusion. As a young adult, I was no different. Growing up in an environment of financial insecurity, I found it difficult to plan for my future and make smart money decisions.

That all changed when I discovered BDO, one of the largest banks in the Philippines.

Here is my story on how BDO changed my life and gave me more control over my finances.

Chasing the Dream: Leaving Home and Heading to the Big City for College

Growing up in a small village in the province, money was always tight. My parents were always arguing about it and I had to bear witness to their struggles. While I was doing my best in school, I missed out on many opportunities due to a lack of funds for school fees or other expenses related to education.

After classes, me and some of my friends would go down by the seashore and dream of going one day to explore Manila — the big city! We all wanted something different from our small-town lives; something more exciting with bigger possibilities.

My dream was to go study college after high school but that seemed like an impossible feat without enough money. But then again, if there’s a will there’s a way so even if it meant leaving my family behind, I decided that once I graduated high school nothing could stop me from chasing this dream no matter what happened along the way.

When that day finally came around when I graduated high school, it was bittersweet saying goodbye to my family as I hopped on board the bus bound for Manila. I packed light but brought lots of courage and hope with me.

janice germano sabitsana
My High School Graduation

But despite all efforts from both me and my parents who had scraped together all their savings just so that I could enroll into college, studying in this bustling metropolis proved far more expensive than either of us anticipated.

And while having a scholarship helped offset some expenses, it simply wasn’t enough. So like many other students who found themselves in similar situations before me, I took up part-time jobs doing whatever work came along so that I could pay bills and continue studying without dropping out halfway through college life due to financial constraints.

With hard work (and prayers) everything worked well as planned: four years later with lots of tears and sweat spilled over books while studying late into nights, I emerged successful with Magna Cum Laude honors under my belt.

janice germano sabitsana
My College Graduation Photo

Building a Relationship with BDO: Opening my First BDO Account

I remember the day I graduated from college. It was a momentous occasion for me and my family. My parents had worked hard to put all four of us through school, but now it was up to me to help send my siblings off to college too.

So, after graduation, I took on any job I could find—and that’s how I ended up working in a call center. 

My first salary wasn’t much; just Php 12,000 a month. But with this money (half of which went towards paying down tuition fees for my siblings’ education) we were able to make ends meet and get by each month. 

Still, despite our tight budgeting needs every month, I made sure that I saved some money as well just in case something unexpected happened or if there was an emergency expense that needed covering quickly.

That’s why when BDO opened its branch near our apartment shortly after getting the call center job, I decided right away to open an account with them so that whatever extra money we had left over at the end of each month would be safe until we needed it again.

My goal at first was just to build up an emergency fund of Php 10,000. And slowly but surely, I kept putting away what extra money I had until eventually, my emergency fund reached its goal.

After that success, my next big aim was saving up early retirement funds so that when the time came and all of my siblings had graduated from college and were on their own feet already (which thankfully they did) I could resign from my call center job without having too much financial difficulty transitioning into something new afterwards.

My Siblings’ Graduation

All three of them have graduated already and are happy living their lives independently, something which wouldn’t have been possible without those early bank accounts at BDO.

Achieving these goals made me realize how important managing your finances can be. It also cemented a special relationship between me and BDO: they were always available whenever I needed them (whether online or offline) which made things easier during this journey of building our savings together.

BDO finds ways in every milestone

When my husband and I got married, we decided to open a joint account with BDO. It seemed like the right thing to do; after all, it was our first step into adulthood as a married couple. We were both young then and knew nothing about investing, but with the help of BDO’s UITF, we started building up our savings. 

That small nest egg allowed us to do a lot more than just save money. We bought our first car, built a small two-bedroom house, and opened up a BDO Junior account for our first child, which we deposited a small amount into every month.

We want to teach our children about money management from an early age and what better way than having their own bank accounts? This way they can learn how saving money works while being able to buy themselves something special every once in a while too, which is important no matter how old you are. 

bdo junior savings account

Nowadays, things have gotten more serious as my husband and I strive towards achieving bigger goals such as buying a bigger house and car plus setting aside education funds for our kids along with our retirement funds too.

And yet again, guess who’s there beside us? That’s right — it’s none other than BDO making sure that despite life’s unpredictable twists and turns; we will continue on this financial journey together until one day hopefully reach wherever it is that destiny takes us next.

That’s why I love BDO: because they find ways in every milestone of our lives. It’s not just a bank, but an ever-present partner in my financial journey and that of my family, too.


Now, as a wife, a mother, and the CFO of our family’s budget, I can personally testify to how incredibly helpful BDO Online Banking has been for me in managing our finances.

Not only does it make paying bills and transferring funds effortless, but it also conveniently helps us stay on track with all of our financial goals.

Whenever I’m handling anything finance-related, BDO is my go-to app without a doubt.

When the pandemic hit, finances were the last thing anyone wanted to worry about. But for those without savings, it was a real struggle.

Luckily, we were able to rely on our BDO savings account to keep us afloat during those tough times, and I can’t stress enough how important that was for us.

BDO’s online banking was an absolute lifeline, too. When my mother-in-law needed surgery and we were all locked down with Covid, we were able to handle all our finances safely from home. We were able to transfer funds securely and easily, pay for medical expenses, and keep up with our other bills all from the comfort of our home.

It was a total game-changer and gave us major peace of mind during an otherwise stressful time.

The road hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but we are grateful that through all these challenges and milestones in life, from marriage to parenthood and beyond, BDO has been part of the journey every single step of the way.

Over time, as our little family has grown and changed, so too have our banking needs. But despite all the transitions, BDO is still by our side—helping us find solutions to meet each milestone in life.

Paying It Forward: My Contribution to Promote Financial Literacy

While the pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital banking platforms, mobile and online banking have been around for quite some time.

BDO has been a leader in the field, pioneering various online banking technologies that have revolutionized how Filipinos manage their money.

I’m proud to have contributed to this initiative by helping create educational materials around topics like online banking, budgeting, saving, and investing.

It all started 8 years ago when I uploaded my first BDO video on YouTube. I was a young adult who had just discovered the wonders of online banking and wanted to share it with others.

Little did I know that this simple video would be the start of something big and meaningful in my life.

The video gained traction quickly and before long, people were reaching out to me for advice on how to do their own BDO online banking. This prompted me to create more videos so that they don’t have to go through too much trouble understanding how it works.

After 41 videos, 2 million views, 84 thousand watched hours, and almost 60,000 subscribers, I can proudly say that I’ve made an impact in helping people understand the basics of money management, especially during the pandemic when online banking was the safest way to manage finances.

Even when the going got tough, my ambition to help and learn never wavered. I attended seminars, became a licensed financial advisor, then worked tirelessly for two years perfecting my RFP paper and defense in order to become a Registered Financial Planner something I had been planning since 2015.

In February 2023, by God’s grace, that goal was finally achieved! I am officially a Registered Financial Planner and I’m ready to serve and help more Filipinos manage their finances better.

janice sabitsana, marvin germo, randell tiongson
With Registered Financial Planners Marvin Germo & Randell Tiongson at the Financial Fitness Forum 2015

As I continue my own journey to finding ways to make and save money, I hope that my story will inspire others to do the same. Financial inclusion is a real issue in the Philippines, but with more people understanding how to use digital banking tools and manage their finances wisely, it’s something that can be overcome — one video/article at a time. 

Indeed, BDO has made great strides in helping more people improve their overall financial health through technology and innovation —something that I’m proud to have been a part of.

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Challenges in Reaching More Filipinos

Despite BDO’s efforts to expand its reach through technology and innovation, there are still many Filipinos who are left out of the financial system.

Here are some of the challenges that BDO is facing in reaching more Filipinos:

Geographic Limitations

One of the biggest challenges in reaching more Filipinos is the country’s geography. The Philippines is an archipelago of more than 7,000 islands, which makes it difficult for banks to reach customers in remote areas. Many Filipinos live in rural areas, where there are few banks or ATMs. This makes it difficult for them to access financial services, such as loans, savings accounts, and remittance services. Even if they do have access to a bank, they may have to travel long distances to reach it.

Technological Barriers

Another challenge in reaching more Filipinos is technological barriers. While the Philippines has one of the highest rates of social media and internet usage in the world, many Filipinos still do not have access to smartphones or computers. This makes it difficult for them to use digital banking services, such as online banking and mobile apps.

Cultural Barriers

Finally, cultural barriers can also be a challenge in reaching more Filipinos. There is still a strong preference for cash transactions among many Filipinos, which makes it difficult to convince them to use digital banking services. They may also be wary of banks due to a lack of trust or unfamiliarity. This can be especially true for rural folks, who may have had limited exposure to banks and financial institutions.

These are just some of the challenges that BDO is facing in reaching more Filipinos. Despite these challenges, BDO is still committed to finding ways to help more Filipinos access financial services and take part in the digital economy. By doing so, BDO can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of Filipinos, and help to create a more inclusive financial system.

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