How to Apply for GSIS Emergency Loan Online 2020

This Coronavirus pandemic has brought financial stress and challenges to a lot of people.

Good thing our government is ready to help by providing financial assistance through loans.

Aside from the Calamity Loan that’s available to SSS members, there is also an Emergency loan available to GSIS members and pensioners.

I didn’t even know about GSIS Loan until my mom asked me to help her file for it online. And I actually don’t recommend her taking out a loan, but because she insisted, the Pinay Investor gladly helped. 🙂

So we sent her GSIS Emergency Loan application via email today, which is 2 days before the deadline, and we have yet to know if it will be approved or not.

And since I already spent time researching about this, I thought I’d share it here on my blog too. So here it is…

What is GSIS Emergency Loan? 

The GSIS emergency loan is a financial assistance for active GSIS members and pensioners who have been affected by disasters in regions or provinces declared as calamity areas by the government.

The COVID-19 GSIS Emergency Loan, launched last April 13, was the first emergency loan window opened by GSIS on a national scale after President Duterte declared a state of public health emergency in the entire country.

GSIS Emergency Loan Deadline

The availment period for the COVID-19 Emergency Loan is until July 12, 2020.

Enhanced Emergency Loan Terms

State pension fund Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) has relaxed the terms of its emergency loan program to allow more members and pensioners to benefit from the credit window.

1. Emergency Loan Limit raised to ₱40,000

To benefit GSIS members and pensioners who have just borrowed from the program and barely paid the amortizations, such as the victims of the Taal Volcano eruption in January this year, GSIS raised the limit of the emergency loan to ₱40,000.

Previously, borrowers were not allowed to renew their loan if their payment was not up-to-date and their balance was bigger than the loanable amount.

GSIS President and General Manager Rolando Ledesma Macasaet explained that with the enhanced terms, they may borrow up to ₱40,000 to pay off their previous emergency loan balance and still receive a maximum net amount of ₱20,000.

Please take note that for those who have no prior emergency loan or outstanding balance in their previous loan, the loanable amount is ₱20,000.

2. Six Months Loan Amortization Requirement Waived

The GSIS waived the six months loan amortization requirement to serve the needs of members who have due and demandable loan accounts

“Before, members were not qualified for the emergency loan if they had GSIS loan accounts that have not been paid for more than six months and are thus considered to be due and demandable,” Macasaet said.

3. Required Premium Payment Reduced

The GSIS reduced the eligibility period for premium payments for both government and personal share to three months within the last six months before the application date, to qualify for the emergency loan.

Previously, active GSIS members must have updated premium payments within the last six months prior to application to qualify for the loan.

“We are not considering the period of the Enhanced Community Quarantine from March to May 2020 in checking the premium eligibility of the member under the enhanced terms of the emergency loan. So, the new requirement is for the borrower to have just at least three premium payments between the period September 2019 to February 2020,” Macasaet explained.

Please note that GSIS emergency loan applications of members will still be subject to the approval of the agency authorized officer (AAO) of the government agencies where members work.

The relaxed eligibility requirements and increased loanable amount will be implemented for the duration of the crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

GSIS Emergency Loan Requirements for Active Members

Members must satisfy only three requirements under the enhanced terms of the emergency loan.

  1. They must be in active service and not on leave of absence without pay;
  2. They must have no pending administrative case and/or criminal charge;
  3. They must have a net take-home pay of not lower than ₱5,000 after all required monthly obligations have been deducted.

GSIS Emergency Loan Requirements for Pensioners

Old-age and disability pensioners are qualified to apply for the loan if their resulting net monthly take-home pension after loan availment is at least 25% of their basic monthly pension.

How to Apply for GSIS Emergency Loan

Members and pensioners may apply for the Emergency Loan ONLINE or PERSONALLY through the GSIS Wireless Automated Processing System (GWAPS) kiosks.

Online Application

GSIS members and pensioners may submit their emergency loan applications online via the GSIS website (

The application form may be downloaded from

Offline/Personal Application

Members may also apply for the loan through the GSIS Wireless Automated Processing System (GWAPS) kiosks located in all GSIS branches, DepEd offices, provincial capitols, city halls, Robinson’s Malls and selected SM Supermalls.

Step-by-Step Guide for GSIS Emergency Loan Online Application

Step 1

Download the Emergency Loan application FORM from the GSIS website or click the link below to get your copy.

Step 2

Fill out the Form and prepare the following in JPEG or PDF files:

  1. Duly accomplished application form
  2. Clear picture of the borrower holding his GSIS UMID eCard (or temporary eCard)
  3. If GSIS UMID eCard or temporary eCard is not available, present 2 valid IDs instead and do the following:
    • Take a clear photo of the 2 valid IDs (front and back), and
    • Take a clear photo of the borrower holding the 2 ID cards

Step 3


Follow this format for the email’s subject:


Step 4

Send all the documents to the designated email address according to the members’ place of work or pensioners’ residence:

  • (NCR including Quezon City and Cavite);
  • (North Luzon);
  • (SouthLuzon);
  • (Visayas)
  • (Mindanao)

Please take note that you can only send a maximum of 2MB per email.

Step 5

After sending the email, please wait for the following:

  1. Email Acknowledgment from GSIS
  2. Tentative Loan Computation and Loan Conformity
  3. Notification of incomplete and/or non-compliant documents (if applicable)

For Active members, once you have submitted the Loan Conformity, GSIS shall be forwarded to your respective AAOs for certification.

Active members with UMID cards may apply ONLINE or through the GSIS Wireless Automated Processing System (GWAPS) kiosks.

Pensioners may only apply online.

How will the Loan be credited?

Once the loan is approved, the proceeds will be directly credited to the Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) card or temporary eCard account of the borrower.

Loan Payment Terms

The emergency loan is payable in three years with an interest of only 6% per annum.

The loan is covered by an insurance, which deems the loan fully paid in case of the borrower’s demise.

GSIS Customer Service Hotline

For inquiries on GSIS loan programs, you may contact GSIS Customer Service through the following:

  • GSIS website:
  • GSIS Facebook Page: Government Service Insurance System (
  • Email:
  • Call GSIS Hotline and Contact Center
    • 8-847-4747 (if in Metro Manila)
    • 1-800-8-847-4747 (for Globe and TM subscribers)
    • 1-800-10-847-4747 (for Smart, Sun, and Talk ‘N Text subscribers)


  1. GSIS FB Advisory dated May 22, 2020,
  2. GSIS Website Advisory dated May 2, 2020
  3. GSIS Website Advisory dated April 14, 2020
  4. GSIS Website Advisory dated March 27, 2020

GSIS Loan F.A.Q.s

Can avail of the GSIS Emergency Loan 40k Assistance?

If you have no prior emergency loan, the loanable amount is ₱20,000.

If you have an existing emergency/calamity loan or if you’re one of the victims of the Taal Volcano eruption in January this year, and you have barely paid the amortizations, you may borrow up to ₱40,000 to pay off your previous emergency loan balance, and you’ll still receive a maximum net amount of ₱20,000.

Can I apply for the GSIS Emergency Loan even if I have unpaid loans? 

Yes, GSIS allowed members to qualify for the emergency loan even if you have incurred arrears from their previous emergency loan, and they have due and demandable accounts from other loans.

I am a pensioner and a senior citizen. How can I apply for the loan without going to GSIS office? 

You may apply for the emergency loan online. Just follow the step-by-step guide above on how to submit your emergency loan application online. Or you may ask a family member to help you do this if you are not comfortable doing this by yourself.

Where can I get the GSIS emergency loan covid 19 form?

You may click the link above for the loan form. Select the form appropriately whether you are an active member of GSIS or you are a pensioner.


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