5 Home-based Ideas for Guys and Dads

When my husband’s contract with his previous employer ended last May 2016, we both decided that he tried working from home just like I do.

It was a tough decision to make, but we took the risk.

The list of home-based ideas below are what my husband has personally tried but they’re also applicable to everyone, not just the guys and dads.



I taught him how to blog.

He was able to write and publish a few articles on a blog that I created under his name. We were both enjoying our setup at home and he was excited with his tasks on the first week.

However, on the second week, he lost his drive and motivation to blog. He felt that it wasn’t his thing. He thought blogging is boring. Hence, he quit blogging.

Blogging requires hard work, patience, and dedication.

I know a lot of guys who are earning thousands of dollars through blogging. All of them started by earning a few dollars per month until they got to what they are earning now.



On the next few days, he searched and submitted his application for some home-based jobs online. While waiting for his applications, he decided to try driving with UBER.

We purchased our car in May during my birthday and we thought it might be a good idea to use it for UBER for additional income.

After two days of driving with UBER, he received a good news that he was shortlisted for a home-based IT job that he had applied for.

He continued to drive with UBER for the next 5 days until he quit.


Why he quit driving for UBER…

It was a mutual decision to quit driving for UBER, but here are some reasons why we did so:

  • My husband got a full-time job online and it was very challenging for him to drive for UBER 6 or so hours per day to reach the quota.
  • Poor customer service – He was told about the promo for new partners before he started driving that’s why he was excited to drive on his first week. But when he was about to get his payment, he was told that it was already over. And almost always, he would spend hours in their office just to submit or process something.
  • We realized that the time and effort that he spent on the road wasn’t worth the payment that he got for that week which was a little over than the amount of gasoline that he spent.
  • I was always worried of his where-abouts. I realized I spent most of my time tracking his routes and waiting for him to come home safely.
  • And lastly, we were both feeling a bit guilty about our car being over-used.

We know some people who are killing it with UBER. It’s worth a try especially if you have your own car and if you’re willing to do it full time.





After a series of interview with the client, my husband was finally hired.

He started his first home-based job on the first week of July 2016 and he’s on his fourth month now with the company.

He used to work as an IT Helpdesk, Service Desk, and Tech Support in his previous companies so he applied for a job that’s almost similar to his previous experience.

When you apply for home-based jobs, you should assess your skills and be open to learn new things and develop new skills to help you perform your tasks better.



Since my husband has a background in computers, he repairs friends’ computers to earn extra income.



My husband is now using e-Cigarette (Vape) and he developed a new hobby of vape coil-building and juice-mixing. Now, some of his contacts ask him to build their coil for a fee and they also buy juice from him.

Sometimes, he also buy-and-sell gadgets and toys like gundam robots to earn extra income.

Recently, I signed him up for his new YouTube Channel where he can share his gadgets and hobbies.

I’m now in the process of teaching him how to vlog and we’ve published 2 videos so far. In just a week, his videos have already generated $0.30 (cents). Not bad for a very new channel with 2 videos. 🙂


How about you? Are you considering going home-based? Have you tried any of these to earn income from home?

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