How to Avail of PCSO Medical Assistance

Ordinary Filipinos can use every bit of help they can get, especially when it comes to their medical needs. Illnesses and injuries can be a big drain on one’s finances, and getting financial assistance when you need it is an invaluable relief.

The PCSO Individual Medical Assistance Program (IMAP) is one such source of medical assistance that can be handy if ever you are either hospitalized or receiving medical treatment.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office is an institution that was established for coming up with various ways to help Filipinos, and the IMAP is one of their better ideas.

You may be able to avail of this timely medical assistance as well by meeting certain criteria and going through a few procedures.

How Does the PCSO IMAP Medical Assistance Work?

PCSO is able to provide financial assistance for those who are either confined in a health facility, receiving medical care as outpatients, or seeking treatment in foreign countries if there are no appropriate facilities available in the Philippines.

Of course, you have to be qualified for it first before you can avail of the benefits.

It will cover various medical treatments, including confinement, dialysis, cancer treatment, various types of surgery, laboratory and diagnostic procedures, medicine, and so on. They would even cover transplants and rehabilitative therapy, which gives the PCSO IMAP quite a lot of coverage.

It must be said that PCSO will not be able to shoulder the full amount of the treatment due to the sheer number of patients who would seek assistance through this program. However, being able to alleviate a good bit of the financial burden is still a great deal of help, especially for the less financially-endowed who may be desperate for medical care.


Applying for PCSO IMAP Medical Assistance

You will need four things to apply for PCSO IMAP Medical Assistance:

  • a completed PCSO IMAP application form
  • a true copy of Updated Clinical Abstract signed by the attending physician with license number
  • a valid ID of patient and representative
  • an authorization letter from the patient in case there is no immediate relative available for interview

For each different type of treatment, you will need to bring different requirements to prove you are indeed suffering from an illness and taking the appropriate treatment.

You need to bring both results yielding the diagnosis and documents related to the treatment, as well as certification of PhilHealth membership in some cases.

There are over 40 hospitals wherein you can avail of this program.

Upon submitting requirements and receiving approval from PCSO, you will be issued a guarantee letter that you can then submit to the health facility where you are receiving treatment in. It should state that the PCSO will assume responsibility for paying a specific amount due to the healthcare provider.


What the PCSO IMAP Medical Assistance provides is an extra helping hand during those trying times of ill health. If you are an individual with no one else to turn to for financial aid and either you have no health insurance or your coverage doesn’t do enough, then the PCSO IMAP can be either a last resort or the first thing you turn to for help.

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  1. Florence L. Cantor

    Paano po kung diagnostic or laboratory procedures for surgery?? Maari po ba aq mkhingi ng tulong? Hiwalay na po kme ng asawa ko mhgit 5yrs na po..isa pong sundalo ang dati kong asawa..sa kasalukuyn mron po aq gallstone na kailngn na po maoperahn at alisin..inirekomnda po ng doctor na mg undergo po mna aq ng laboratory/diagnostic test for clearance pra po maischedule nko ng operasyon..problma po lab test pra po sa dugo ko..mron lng po sila xray/ultrasound at urine test..hnd ko po kya tustusan un panggstos ko pra maaus ko po lht ng test na kailngn ko..mnggagaling p po aq laguna papunta mil hospital hnd nmn po kya ausin isang araw un mga test n hinihingi nila skn..sa pmshe at pnggstos ko tlga kapos po aq wla nmn po aq pwd tuluyn n kamag anak sa manila pra mghnty ng araw kng keln po uli aq babalik sa mil hospital..maari po ba aq humingi ng tulong pra po makpgpatingin nko sa dugo 10+ po test na kailngn itest un Potassium at kng ano2 pa sa dugo ko..wla pong gnun lab test sa mil hospital un po sbi skn kya kailngn ko po iprovide un bgo ko maaus un clearance ko..

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