How to Apply for the Small Business Wage Subsidy Program in My.SSS Online

Do you want to know how you can apply for the Small Business Wage Subsidy program?

If you are eligible, you can receive a financial assistance between ₱5,000 to ₱8,000 per month for up to two months.

Please take note though that if you are an employee, you cannot directly apply for this program.

Your employer will be the one to apply for the Small Business Wage Subsidy program on your behalf.

The employers or small business owners should first check on the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s (BIR) website if their businesses fall under the eligible types of sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation.

How to Check if Employer is included in the pre-qualified list of the SBWS

  1. Go to the BIR website at
  2. Click on the SBWS icon found on the BIR homepage.
  3. Enter the 9-digit TIN in the Search field. Then, click the “Search” button.
    • IF YOU ARE QUALIFIED, a green prompt will pop up.
    • IF YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED OR YOU ENTERED A WRONG TIN, a red prompt will pop up.
  4. Take note of the “Passcode”
  5. Go to the SSS website at to login to your My.SSS account.

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How to Apply for the Small Business Wage Subsidy Program in My.SSS

The application of How to Apply for the Small Business Wage Subsidy Program should be done by the Employer or Small Business Owner.

Here are the steps to apply in My.SSS:

  1. Go to
  2. Make sure to click the EMPLOYER tab, then Login using your Username and Password (if you are already registered in My.SSS)
  3. Once you’re logged in, click the “Small Business Wage Subsidy” tab.small business wage subsidy program
  4. Enter the passcode provided by the BIR SBWS system and your TIN. Click “Proceed” to enter the application portal.bir passcode for small business wage subsidy program
  5. Upon entering the system, you will see the list of your employees.
    • Choose eligible employees by clicking a corresponding box at the left side of the employee’s name.
    • Click the box at the right side of the employee’s name if the worker is a beneficiary of the DOLE’s COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program (CAMP).small business wage subsidy program application
  6. After selecting eligible employees, the employer should type each workers’ respective TINs.
    • If an employee is not in the SSS list, it means the worker is not registered in the My.SSS portal or the information in the My.SSS account is not sufficient.
  7. Click “I Agree” with the Employer’s Undertaking that:
    • The information provided in the application are complete, true, and correct;
    • Employees were notified of the application and has given explanation for those who qualified and did not qualify for the wage subsidy program; and
    • All employees know why their personal and sensitive information were shared with the SSS, BIR, and DOF and that they have given their full consent for this.small business wage subsidy program
  8. The employer should submit Certification Attesting to the Work and Pay Status of Employee to the upon accomplishing application.
    • Click the “Employer Certification Template” to download the document to be submitted.
    • Non-submission of the said document, however, shall not toll the processing of application for the employee’s wage subsidy.
  9. The SSS automated system will validate the following:
    • If an employee has no pending or has not received any SSS unemployment benefit due to COVID-19
    • If an employee is not a DOLE CAMP beneficiary
    • If an employee has no settled or in-process SSS final claims such as funeral, retirement, death, and total disability
  10. The SSS system will show to the employer if an employee/s is qualified or disqualified as well as the reasons for the confirmation or denial for the wage subsidy program.
  11. Eligible employees will receive an email notification from the SSS that their employers have confirmed their qualification for the SBWS program.
    • The beneficiary will also be provided with the details on when and how they will receive their cash aids in their bank accounts or if it is available for pick-up through remittance agents.
    • The SSS will also notify employers that their qualified employees are “for confirmation” because of lacking credentials such as:
      • The employee is not registered in the My.SSS portal
      • The employee has no bank account or has no registered bank account in the My.SSS account

Source: DOF

How to Contact SSS Customer Service

If you have inquiries regarding the Small Business Wage Subsidy Program, you may contact the Social Security System through the following options:

How to Register in My.SSS

If the employer or small business owner is not yet registered in SSS, follow these steps, but please make sure to register as EMPLOYER and fill out the required information.

  1. Go to the SSS online registration page.
  2. Fill out the required information in the SSS online form
  3. Check your email and find your My.SSS activation link and your user ID.
  4.  Activate your My.SSS account and create your password.

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Your SSS registration may be unsuccessful if the system finds inconsistencies in the submitted information versus the SSS records of if the required format isn’t followed.

When your SSS online registration is unsuccessful, you may try doing it again or you can email SSS at for assistance.

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SSS Website Downtime

The SSS website ( has been on downtime since April 18, 2020.

They are experiencing higher online traffic due to the launch of the Small Business Wage Subsidy (SBWS) program.

The SSS is  urgently updating their site capacity to accommodate the surge.

According to the SSS, they will be sending out emails for alternative application arrangements to SBWS-eligible employers whose email addresses are on file and have been deemed compliant with both BIR and SSS regulations.

You may check the SSS website from time to time to see if it’s already up and operational.

Update: As of April 24, 2020, the SSS website is operational but it is temporarily dedicated for employers to apply for the Small Business Wage Subsidy (SBWS) program on behalf of their employees.

Please read SSS’ advisory below.


Disclaimer: The Pinay Investor is not affiliated with the SSS, BIR, and DOF. This post is for information purposes only.

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