How to Check SSS Contribution and Generate PRN Online

Do you want to check your SSS contribution online?

Have you seen the newly updated SSS website?

I did! And I was blown away. Ang bilis na ng SSS website ngayon! 

I’m used to the super-slow-SSS-website experience kaya nagulat talaga ako pagka-login ko. Mabilis na mag-load ang site at wala ng time-out errors. 


This is good news to SSS members who have been wanting to login and access their SSS online accounts.

The Philippine Social Security System’s website crashed soon after they launched the Small Business Wage Subsidy (SBWS) on April 18, 2020 and had since been down and inaccessible to members. That’s why they upgraded the capacity of their site to accommodate the increasing amount of traffic that they were getting.

I’m also surprised with the new look of the SSS website. It looks better and easier to navigate compared to the previous version that had so many tabs and menus.

It also requires Captcha now which is an additional security feature of the SSS portal.

Watch this video to see how the SSS website looks like now.

How to Login and View SSS Contribution Online

Thanks to SSS, we don’t have to go to the SSS branch anymore to check our SSS contributions.

With the SSS online facility, we can easily and conveniently view our SSS contributions online anywhere and anytime.

Follow these steps to know how…

Step 1: Go to SSS website at

Step 2: Click the box that says, “I’m not a robot”, and click Submit.

This is a CAPTCHA (for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) which is a type of challenge–response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human.

Step 3: Under Portals, click Member.

Step 4: Enter your User ID and Password, and click the CAPTCHA to log in to SSS Online.

Step 5: In the Main Menu, click Inquiry, then click Contributions.


How to Generate SSS PRN

The mandatory use of SSS Payment Reference Number (PRN) was rolled out following the Real-time Posting of Contribution Payments (RTPC) project.

For voluntary, self-employed, and OFW members, you need to generate your PRN to pay your SSS contributions.

Here are the steps to generate SSS PRN online:

Step 1: Go to SSS website at

Step 2: Click the box that says, “I’m not a robot”, and click Submit.

Step 3: Under Portals, click Member.

Step 4: Enter your User ID and Password, and click the CAPTCHA to log in to SSS Online.

Step 5: In the Main Menu, click Payment Reference Number.


If you have previously paid your SSS contributions, the system would have automatically generated your PRN for your next payment schedule.

For example, if your last contribution payment was for the last quarter of 2019 (October, November, and December), the available PRN that will show up on your SSS online account is your contribution payment for the first quarter of 2020 (January, February, and March).

The amount of contribution is also the same as your previous payment.

If you’re okay with the details on the pre-generated PRN, you may print it or take note of the PRN and use it when you pay your SSS contribution.

Step 6: Generate PRN

If you want to generate a new PRN, just click Generate PRN.

  • Select Membership Type: Voluntary or OFW
  • Select Applicable Period
  • Select Monthly Contribution Amount or Premium
  • Enter Total Amount
  • Click Submitsss-prn
  • Click OK to confirm your SSS contribution details
  • Your new SSS PRN or Reference Number will appear. You may print it out or take note of your PRN.sss-prn-online

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Final Thoughts

Aside from checking our SSS contributions and generating your SSS Payment Reference Number online, we can also file for SSS benefits online.

If you are a female member and you are expecting a child, you may submit your maternity notification online.

If you want to file or apply for SSS salary loan, you can also do that online.

There’s a lot that you can do with the new SSS online portal. That’s why if you haven’t registered yet, I suggest you do it now so that you can take advantage of the various services that the Philippine Social Security System offers online.

Watch this video to register to SSS Online Portal:

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    Good afternoon.i have been trouble of of login to you kindly assist me of finding my record of what I have used for my mother’s maiden name in order for me to pay my sss on line and getting the prn number.

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